A new idea about the children of Adam and Eve?

Many people invent reasons to not believe in God.   “It is impossible for the few children of Adam and Eve to have populated the world!   Destructive inbreeding would have made recessive genes destroy the human race.   We believe in evolution!  The Bible is just a fairy tale.”


Catholics are not afraid to consider new ideas about The Power of God.

Some Catholics consider:   A new idea about the children of Adam and Eve.   We begin with an actual fact!   “The Book of Genesis does not tell us when Eve decided to disobey God and bring the difficulties of childbirth to women.”

Catholics realize!   There may have been centuries between the making of Adam and Eve and their disobedience in eating “the forbidden fruit”.

During that period of time, Adam and Eve were “made in the image of God.”   God may have blessed them with easy ways to create life!

“Let’s make some little statues out of white, black, red, and yellow clay!  We will ask God to ‘breathe’ life into them!”


Catholics consider another possibility.

God could have made Adam and Eve so perfectly “in His image” that they could provide the “life-giving” breath!

In either event, they may have had thousands of children!


Before Eve got Adam to disobey God, life was easy!   They could have had a lot of fun creating many races of children in those Happy Days before The Fall in The Garden.

Not any more!


Catholics avoid the Protestant sin of believing:  “God’s Power is limited.   He can only do what I think He can.”

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