Question for Pastor Bob. 1

We often hear the same old Protestant insults. “Catholics don’t believe in The Bible.” That’s not far from the usual “Catholics don’t read The Bible.”

And, we hear a lot of anti-Catholic comments “Catholics worship Mary. Catholics worship statues. Catholics worship idols.”

That litany, in a burst of what is called “Protestant Theology” is tied with “Well, of course they worship idols. They don’t believe in, or read, The Bible.”

It is absurd. Catholics may point out that Jesus clearly said to one man, “I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Protestants are generally unwilling to accept what Jesus had to say about having founded One Church, not 43,000 schisms. They nonsensically split hairs about the meaning of “rock” in three different languages, desperate to avoid the clear meaning of the passage.

Sometimes, Catholics ask Protestants who insult us, “Do you believe in The Bible?”

“Of course I do!”

“Please, look at what St. Paul, one of the very earliest Catholic priests and Bishops, had to say about not being in The Only Church Jesus Founded. Gal 5:21 clearly states that “people are in factions because of ‘self-indulgence’.” If you believe in The Bible, and you have the usual affinity for St. Paul that most Protestants have, then, why do you give in to self-indulgence’? Don’t you believe The Bible.”

There will be the usual sputtering. When it is over, suggest, “Maybe, that is a question for Pastor Bob.”

If Gal. 5:21 says “self-indulgence leads people to one of the 43,000 factions, isn’t having a paid position in a faction must be “double self-indulgence.”

That, too, is a question for Pastor Bob. 1 If you hear an answer, please, let us know!