An Approach to The Kingdom for Our Times

When we think about God and the universe, we automatically ask, “How’d He do that?”

Catholic Fundamentalists answer, “God is The Loving Programmer. He is far more powerful than us human programs. He can program what we are programmed to see as actual particles in three dimensions. Then, He compiled energies and particles into systems and beings. He then downloaded The Creation Program the way He did because He wanted to provide His beloved human programs with free will.”

Many people don’t want to be bothered. “I’m quite comfortable with my own set of beliefs.”, they answer. Then, they go on about their business, not realizing that there are more important issues, with eternal consequences, that should be considered. When people turn from God, we believers tend to shrug our shoulders and return to our joy of more clearly understanding His power and what He has done.

Catholic Fundamentalism is simple. That simplicity, proffered from the earliest Apostles, offends those who are infatuated with needlessly complex idols that abound. Each personifies a chosen road to short-term profit, leading to long-term confusion and perdition.

Within its broad borders, Catholic Fundamentalism lets us see how easily our powerful God downloaded The Creation Program around us. We are given some insight as to how that immense download took place in the six days described in Genesis, with quadrillions of living “angel programs” facilitating the process the way human programming companies are helped by their armies of programming assistants.

Though accused of being “oversimplifying” Catholic Fundamentalism helps us see how reasonable the Catholic Church and its beliefs are. Catholic Fundamentalism helps all firm, fundamental Christians help unbelievers understand The Kingdom while advancing their own understanding of it with a new view. Take a look around. It’s a big site.

You may know a lapsed Catholic or lost soul who’d enjoy exploring an apology for Catholicism that begins, “God can program in three dimensions. He has programmed particles and compiled them into systems and beings. . . . .”