An odd Christmas Question: What about The Three Wise Men’s wives?

Map from Bethlehem to Iran

One of the greatest Miracles in The Bible describes The Three Wise Men.  They were Chaldean astronomers.   Chaldean people were the ancestors of Abraham.  He came from “Ur of The Chaldees”.

The Chaldean people had recorded the movement of stars, constellations, and planets.  Their Written Records on clay tablets went back three thousand years before Jesus!  They knew within hours how many years (12) it took for Jupiter to pass through the sky in one of our years.

They could accurately predict solar and lunar eclipses.  Astronomy was an important part of their defense budget.   “If we can fight our wars in tune with eclipses, enemies will be disheartened by our power before a battle begins!” 

Their astronomers had to be right.  If they made a mistake on that, they were killed.


The Three Wise Men knew their Sky Charts.   And, there were many Hebrews living among them.  They knew The Prophecies of God’s Promised Messiah.  The Three Wise Men put all that together.  They were blessed to realize:  “Something big is going to happen in Israel on December 25th!” 

They had over a thousand miles to travel.  At 20 miles a day, it was at least a two month trip.

They took gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  That cost a lot!   There were gangs of bandits on the route.  A squad or two of armed guards had to be hired to accompany them.  That was expensive!

It was an impressive group that “followed the star” to Jerusalem.


We don’t know how many wives The Wise Men had.  We can imagine how upset they were!  “You are leaving your family to ‘follow a star’ for two or three months to get to Israel!  You are going to spend two or three more months coming back!   You are taking gold and spices that we could have for our family!  You are paying armed guards to accompany you while you “follow the star”!  You have lost your minds!”

Their wives’ families and friends agreed!  “You are all crazy!”


The Three Wise Men “followed the star”, and not their families’ opinions!


May each of us be blessed to “follow the star” to the Only Church The Promised Messiah Spoke Into Being with His Holy Word:

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

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