Angry people hate God and freedom.

Many are angry because they want more.  Angry people hate God and freedom.

The Jews in the Book of Numbers, 4:11-15 were angry.  The blessings of freedom and manna from Heaven were not enough. “The children of Israel lamented, ‘Would that we had meat for food!   We remember the fish we used to eat without cost in Egypt, and the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic.  But now we are famished;  we see nothing before us but this manna.'”

In Egypt, they got food “without cost” from government programs.   Now they were free, and dissatisfied with the monotony of manna.  They wanted more.  Angry people hate God and freedom.  So does Pharaoh.

Their complaints drove Moses to ask God for help.  “For they are crying to me, ‘Give us meat for our food.’  I cannot carry all this people by myself, for they are too heavy for me.”

So, God sent them quail.  Meat literally dropped from the sky.

In every age, the angry cry:  “I want more!”  In every age, government programs dole out more.

Governments want people dependent on them.  Pharaoh sent his army to bring back his slaves.  Today, governments enslave with addictive drugs.  Do people want to be free to get the drugs on their own?  “Put ’em in jail!”

Catholics find happiness in gratitude:  “Thank God I can see, hear, taste, and smell!  My liver, pancreas, kidneys, bowel, and bladder are working!  I can walk!  I can talk!  I can have a family and children!  My brain works so well that I can read and write!  My hands let me make things!”

From Babylon to Egypt to today, governments keep people from providing their own manna, quail, housing, medicine, education, transportation, media, and every human need.  Governments send send armed forces to keep their people in chains.

Many can’t stand the frustration of not being able to do things on their own.  They are driven to drugs.  Those who hate God and freedom put them in jail.