Babylon and Detroit are in ruins

Has anyone ever seen this on any day’s news? “Today, 3,500 unborn children were killed!”?

Instead, newsreaders announce that global warming is such a threat that polar bears are forced eat berries rather than seals. “Stars” share their deep thoughts on diet, exercise, vitamins, investments, hairdos, and whatever ephemera bored public relations people can disseminate.

The steady broadcast of blather began with Babel, continued past Babylon, and celebrates death and slavery to this day.

Glittering facets of Babylon’s lies are on nearly every internet home page, newspaper, magazine, library, radio, and television broadcaster. We are as fish, swimming in a huge sea of lies.

The recent crash of the German passenger plane into the Alps provided a perfect, textbook example of news control. When it became apparent that the crash was intentionally caused by the co-pilot, everyone asked, “Was he a Moslem?” Not one major media was allowed to investigate and report about that. The co-pilot was said to be “mentally ill”. He was “disturbed”. He was on “medication”. But not one word of his new religious affiliation was allowed to be mentioned as even a partial cause of his decision to kill himself and all the people on the plane.

Within a week, the problem was blamed on “inadequate Airline security” and the world went back to blather.

We have seen pictures of Babylon’s ruins and photographs of Detroit, a city reduced to rubble in less than a lifetime. Babylon and Detroit are in ruins.

Is there any hope?

He Who fulfilled the prophecies told the ages, “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Those who seriously believe in the prophecies and their realized promise recognize this liberating truth: The Only Church Jesus Founded is the only organization on earth over which the gates of hell have not prevailed on abortion and the sins that lead to it.

One conclusion: We are either part of The Only Church Jesus Founded or we are citizens of Babylon, over which the gates of hell will prevail. Is it wise to take chances?