The new road to Rome

The New Road to Rome begins with simple steps:

1. Humans program with on and off, the basics of the binary system. God programs with “on”, “off” and the various states in the fractional nano-seconds of “switching” between and beyond “on”and “off”. He programmed energies and particles, compiled them into systems and beings, and downloaded them as The Creation Program.

2. Human movie-makers hire writers, set decorators, and a myriad of employees, often including 3-D programmers. God does not hire helpers. God programs them! His Programming Assistants, called “Angels” in the Iron Age, maintain and alter The Creation Program as He desires.

3. We humans are The Loving Programmer’s most complicated Programs. We are programmed in His Image, with free will. We may choose to love or hate our neighbors. We may choose to love or hate God. We may choose to believe what we want. We may even choose to replicate!

4. We were programmed so that we cannot prove much about The Creation Program. Things are so uncertain that when we measure something, it changes. Or, doesn’t. We don’t know. The Creation Program was written so that we human programs could choose to believe that it is a very old accident. Or, we may choose to believe that God wrote and downloaded it fairly recently.

5. Amid confusing theories that every generation of vain men concoct, there is an underlying fact. For a few thousand years, Hebrew prophets carefully wrote down and preserved things they believed God told them. More than 300 of these predictions referred to a coming Savior.

6. The Prophets said the Promised Messiah would be “descended from King David”, and “born of a virgin” and the birth would be “in Bethlehem”. Prophets said He would “be lifted up before men” and that “no bone of His would be broken” and that “they would look upon Him Whom they pierced”.

7. All those things happened. Some said “Those prophecies were written AFTER Jesus, and are part of a great fraud.” The Loving Programmer had His response previously programmed and in place. An Arab boy throwing rocks in a cave broke some jars. In them were ancient records of the prophecies, some on thin copper sheets. The Dead Sea Scrolls showed that the prophecies actually were made before Jesus was born.

8. Some conclude: “The only thing I really know is that the Jews maintained the prophecies. When He Who fulfilled them arrived, many Jews said, ‘I would rather go to Hell than believe that what we’ve been providing and preserving for two thousand years has come true.’ The Loving Programmer has as an incredible sense of humor.”

9. Jesus, Who fulfilled all the requirements that God had told the prophets to write and preserve, wanted everyone to have a chance to get their immortal soul, the Organizing Principle around which each human program is downloaded, to “The Promised Land” after death.

10. To provide every person in every age with the opportunity for eternal joy, Jesus said to the man He put in charge of The Church His apostles would build: “And I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Vain people invent their own churches. The humble go to His.

In ten easy steps, that’s the new road to Rome. The new road to Rome takes us to His Church. That’s important. He Who fulfilled the prophecies gave only Peter the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.