Three questions

1. After the Nazi holocaust, the World Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, Golda Meir, Albert Einstein, and many others were grateful for the efforts of Pius XII to do what he could to save Jewish people. They echoed the 1807 “great Jewish Sanhedrin” in Paris, during which many Popes were praised for similarly protecting Jewish people in earlier centuries. Strangely, in our time, The Church has been undermined by movies, books, magazines, networks, and newspapers often owned by Jewish people. As Catholic influence decreases, Jewish people are proportionately under increasing attacks around the world. Why would any Jewish person want to weaken their most reliable defender when a billion enemies want to exterminate them and rejoice when they are attacked?

2. The law provides damages for some who suffer loss or injury from the willful or negligent actions of another. A person who suffers loss or injury may hire a lawyer and sue the person, group, or corporation that caused our loss or injury. The greatest loss anyone can suffer is their soul. If a person gives into temptation, and their soul ends up in eternal pain, can they sue the devil for damages?

3. The Catholic Church requires all Catholics to love their neighbors. The Church condemns any mistreatment of those outside Her teaching. That is a remarkably different position from Moslems who praise, encourage and reward those among them who hunt down, jail, torture, and execute those guilty of sex outside of marriage, especially homosexuals. Why do so many gay people hate The Church that protects them from the infinitely greater threat?

Three questions. They seem simple. Hope that readers can help.