Babylon or The Church Jesus Founded?

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The battle for souls continues.  Babylon or The Church Jesus Founded?  The differences are as clear as night and day.

Babylon:  “The world is billions of years old.  We humans have evolved from lower life forms.”

Catholic Fundamentalism:  “God programs in 3-D pixels.  He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program with such incredible complexity that no human program can ‘prove’ He did so.  All exists to give us free will.  No one can look at The Creation Program and be intellectually forced to believe God made it.”

Babylon:  “No!  The universe is billions of years old!”

Catholic Fundamentalism:  “The Creation Program is a huge, long-running movie, in actual 3-D.  He programmed self-sustaining systems to keep it going.  Then, He wrote and downloaded the Replicating Programs.  Then, He wrote the Human Programs.  We spend our time writing and directing our own performance.   Those who ‘follow directions’ get to Heaven.  Others don’t.  He did not waste a lot of time writing and producing The Creation Program.”

Babylon:  “No!  The Fossil Record is clear.  The world is billions of years old.”

Catholic Fundamentalism:  “The ‘fossil record’ just shows which animals sank first in The Flood.  They were quickly covered by layers of sediment that were compressed into stone.  The huge tidal wave that rolled around the earth and shaped the surface was all part of The Program!”

Babylon:  “We believe in science!”

Catholic Fundamentalism:  “In the last few hundred years, science is paid to teach whatever Babylon believes.   Much of science has become a fraud, helping the devil separate souls from Salvation.”

Babylon:  “That’s not true!  Scientists are good, honest, caring people.”

Catholic Fundamentalism:  “Even the ones who have been lying about Global Warming since 1922?”

Babylon:  “Global warming is a threat to life as we know it.”

Catholic Fundamentalism:  “Global warming is a typical, ongoing, Imaginary Problem.  Governments invent Imaginary Problems to take money from people.  Voters are so poorly educated by government schools they can no longer think well enough to identify frauds.”