Babylon loves death and taxes.

Value and permanence often go together. We spend much of our lives accumulating things of passing value and ignoring the fact that a human soul has no end.

When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up.” preferred occupations are mentioned. Many want to be doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs. Few say: “I want to be a good parent of lots of children. I want their immortal souls to spend a joyful eternity in Heaven.” That lofty goal has come into disfavor.

“Oh, no! You don’t want to have children! You want to have a job! You want a nice place to live! A nice car! Vacations!” say those attracted to passing things.

As governments grow, more taxes are needed. Governments don’t want people to have children because more children reduce taxes. Children are tax deductions and they distract many parents from working and paying the various taxes associated with having a job.

Government-controlled media outlets discourage people from having children. They tell many lies about the “dangers” of children, and frighten the gullible with imaginary fears of overpopulation and pollution.

Which group wants to have people spending their lives paying more taxes rather than raising families? Babylonians.

The Catholic Church, founded by Jesus, is 100% in favor of life and freedom. Babylon, on the other hand, wholeheartedly loves death and taxes.

Thus it has always been. It will be so until the end. Our souls will go to Judgment.

If we were sufficiently in favor of life and freedom, we may spend eternity joyfully in Heaven. If not, we don’t.