Babylonians drown in seas of their own lies.

The vast compilations of Babylonian lies have been divided into different areas. Following, we have provided links to five of the most important Lie Committee’s powerful sub-committees.

You may not have seen the various postings on Lie Committee meetings available on Catholic Fundamentalism. They begin to show the enormity of the lies with which we are surrounded.

Click on the links to see some of the more popular Lie Committee sub-committees:

Education Lies:

Energy and Environmental Lies:

Food and Water Lies:

Medical Lies:

Political Lies:

As you know, this is the only web site providing the helpful concept that there are two earthly entities, The Roman Catholic Church and Babylon. Most of us are in the Teeming Midlands, wandering between the two.

Hopefully, each of us is heading toward the narrow gate of the sheepfold and Heaven beyond. Being more aware of the sea of lies in which we swim is often helpful.

“Oh! I didn’t know that was a lie or why they told it!” is a normal reaction to many in the Teeming Midlands who see some of The Lie Committee reports. They help us understand: Babylonians drown in seas of their own lies.

It helps to think of God as The Loving Programmer Who wrote and downloaded The Creation Program like a huge, virtual, 3-D movie simply to provide the free will and choices that separate sheep from goats. Then, it is more likely that traditional values and thinking may spread.

The entirety of The Lie Committee is, frankly, “a little much”. Best to only read one of them at a time, and only parts of that.