Babylon has a new temple!

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Babylon has a new temple!  It’s not the old-fashioned ziggurat.  It’s a long, long tunnel.  The Hadron Collider is Babylon’s biggest boondoggle.

The Hadron Collider has cost fifteen billion dollars!   Babylonian priest-scientists built it to find what they do not like to call “The God Particle”, the building block of matter.  Those receiving the billion dollars a year in funding insist:  “We are NOT looking for God.  We are looking for proof that He is NOT!”

The newest priest-scientists of Babylon and their altar servers are paid a billion dollars a year to keep the temple going.  The money is taken from taxpayers who are impoverished so that Babylonians may “prove” we should not be Catholics and save our souls by humble obedience.

Babylon has come a long way.  It’s priests used to stand on top of ziggurats and compute the location of stars and planets.  Now, they fire particles around and around a tunnel several miles long and think deep thoughts in air-conditioned offices:

“We are making progress!”, they announce in every age.  The children of those who were once impressed by Babylonian priest-scientists’ ability to predict eclipses now applaud utter uselessness.  In every age, the gullible are similarly bamboozled by clever Babylonians.  As always, they applaud what they do not understand.

Catholics wonder:  “These people will criticize The Catholic Church for its imaginary wealth.  At the same time, they waste billions that could have actually helped the poor.”

Catholics understand:  “They are trying to get into Heaven without the only keys provided by He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies.  Every such effort is futile!

Their only success is keeping souls from humble obedience to He Who made “The God Particle”.    Babylon’s mindless manias have kept many from heeding:  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Catholics see things from a 5,000 year perspective:  Babylon has a new temple!