“Be as cunning as snakes.”

Most media disseminate lies that are paid for by special interests.

The more we try to find the truths beyond what we hear, we discover that we are surrounded by clouds of  lies.   As we become more able to identify lies, the more we discover.  Soon, our brains almost explode from “lie overload”.

One of the worst lies:   “If people in the media only knew that they were saying things that aren’t true, they wouldn’t say them.”

Widespread lies and exaggerations are part of paid campaigns.   Some people understand a basic truth:  “The only way something outside of a big disaster gets publicity is if someone pays for it.”

That truth, once understood, may be followed by a conclusion:  “Almost everything that I hear about energy, the environment, endangered species, nuclear reactors, coal, oil, carbon, mercury, acid, etc. is a paid announcement that profits those who paid to have the lie invented and spread.”

Those who learn more realize:, “Everyone involved in the process is lying for money.”

That is why Jesus told us:  “Be as cunning as snakes.”  All of us are able to see through the lies and frauds and see that they only serve liars and fraudsters.

We all have the intellectual ability to see through lies.  How do we develop that ability?  “Be as cunning as snakes.”