Pro-life people must unite as Catholics to save lives.

Protestants have abandoned the old, pro-life positions.   Birth control was thrown aside in the 1930s as denominations came under control of enlightened modernists.  In the 70s, abortion became legal.  The most innocent of lives began to be destroyed.

There are many sincere, pro-life people in those those denominations.   They waste a lot of energy defending the pro-life position against members of their own churches.

Outside the Catholic Church, denominations are divided on birth control and abortion.  Today, it is clear.  If we are to save the unborn:  Pro-life people must unite as Catholics to save lives.

As always, The Roman Catholic Church stands against birth control and abortion.  Pro-life people who let themselves be separated from Her are helping those who love death.

That lack of unity among pro-life people allows the killing to continue.  The pro-life movement is so weakened by denominational division that pro-life people find it impossible to exert the necessary influence on elected officials, most of who are glad to see us divided.

That is why schism, more than ever, may be considered as a damnable sin.  Pro-life people have worked, within the many schisms, and we have failed.  The failure is evident, 3,500 times a day.

The fact is:  Pro-life people must unite as Catholics to save lives.  The conclusion is inescapable:  Pro-life people must stop making excuses and become Catholic if they truly want to stop abortion.

If we hide from the fact that being in a schism allows the death to continue, what kind of sin are we committing?  Is it a venal sin, of no great consequence?  Or, is remaining in a schism while the death continues a deadly, mortal sin?

Schisms allowed abortion to begin and let it remain. If we are in schism, are we really pro-life?  If we are not pro-life, does God want our souls in Heaven?

Some will not let their minds be alive to that.  What causes this “partial death”?  Jesus was clear:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”  It is  “death” in an area of the mind that keeps people from the “life” He suffered and died to provide.

What is the only place His Body and Blood may be obtained?  The Church that began when Jesus said to the first Pope:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”

What stops any pro-life person who understands that schism brings death from becoming Catholic?  The demons of pride and sloth.