If you are not Catholic, you are part of the problem.

Protestant denominations were brought into being by governments whose leaders wanted to limit the power of The Roman Catholic Church.

Vast volumes of lies provided “justifications” for leaving The Roman Catholic Church. They boiled down to:  “We do not want God’s Church, Pope, Bishops, and Priests interfering with what we want to do.”

Governments provided funding for “Protestants”, as the schismatics called themselves.  The money came from property confiscated from The Church.

The schisms began dividing to make it harder for people to protect themselves from death-loving government.  Anglican, Lutheran, and Calvinist schisms that began as Northern Europe was returned to its pagan base have now become over 33,000 identifiable groups.  That many others may have come and gone in the centuries following the 1500s.

The schisms kept Catholics from protecting Southern Europe from Moslem incursions.  Constantinople fell. The Balkans were forced to join the Middle East.  Oppressive tyranny ruled.

The schisms overpowered The Church as nations came under the thumbs of those who loved government.  In a few centuries, birth control was allowed.  Abortion followed.  Then, the helpless and elderly began to be done away with in the guise of “Health Care”.

Babylon was back.  Death marched triumphantly.

The moral decline accelerated as competing schisms kept pro-life people from working together.  Pro-lifers were so fragmented they could not stop the slide into the child sacrifice that Babylon needs to balance its books in every age.

It is undeniable:  Abortion came into being because Protestant schisms divided pro-life people into competing denominations.  There was no way they could fight effectively in governments that appeared to be democracies.  The problem was harder to solve because a vast multitude of left-leaning leaders supported their own schisms rather than the pro-life, anti-abortion position.

How can abortion be stopped?  How can the slaughter of innocents be ended?  All who are pro-life must become Catholic.

If you are not Catholic, you are part of the problem.  Like it or not, you will be judged accordingly.