Those who bear False Witness

Those who bear False Witness always have a reason. Today’s column considers the Operating Instruction that tells us we should not think we are powerful enough to change reality by distorting information about various programs with which we may be involved. Sometimes, bearing false witness becomes a group activity, and may involve millions of people leading billions of their neighbors astray. Global Warming exemplifies such a vast deception.

It has been a source of great amusement that the left continues to deluge us with stories and “scientific proof” that any number of largely harmful things are going to destroy us. An example is the endlessness of warnings that Global Warming is dangerous and caused by human activity.

As the obviousness of their lies becomes obvious, we must not be fooled into thinking they are fools, for they are not. The smarter ones know as well as we do that global temperatures began to drop back in 1998, and the world will get far colder in coming years.

Leftists look at the same sunspot charts that the rest of us see. They have known for years that there is less energy coming from the sun than at any time in recent history. They are able to foresee that a long, cold spell is coming as easily as we can.

Their goal of all intentional deceptions is obvious. They are using their paid media shills to frighten us so that they may gain. In the case of “Global Warming”, their goal is to take control of the energy we will need more desperately than ever as the earth continues its cooling.

Once they are in control of energy, they can charge as much as they want for it. To avoid freezing to death, we’ll pay.