Is the beast winning because of Christian schisms?

The beast described in the Book of Revelation has seven heads.  Each head is a different tribe of demons.

The first of the destroying heads is pride.  It is the deadliest, and within that head are the fangs of vanity, self-love, and all the “self” sins.  The spraying spittle is corrosive to every soul, mind, and body it touches.

The second head is envy.  Envy hates all that is living.  Third among the heads is greed, wanting all it sees.

The fourth head is gluttony.  Beyond greed, it wants to absorb what it sees, swelling up like some  bloated buddha.

Anger is the fifth head of the beast of Revelation, hating all there is.  The sixth head is lust.  It perverts procreation, focusing on pleasure until death of person, family, and nation.

The last head, fittingly, is sloth.  It is slow and deadly, devouring through decay.

Heads of the beast are in our governments.  Anger is represented by Moslems.  They pay huge bribes to infiltrate formerly Catholic nations, governments, security agencies, immigration departments, and armed forces.  Every day, we grow more vulnerable to these highly organized, well-disciplined, well-financed destroyers.  Our leaders facilitate this process.

The Communists hide envy behind equality, and many are welcomed into powerful positions by those who seek more power by claiming that greater equality is needed.  The envious are well represented in our governments, always seeking “fairness”.

Demons of lust undermine the traditional morality on which our families are based.  They replace procreation with pleasure.  They are well organized and have great influence in modern governments.  Those possessed with lust have allowed birth control, abortion, and unnatural practices to become the law of corrupted lands.

How did our nations become so susceptible to those who wish to destroy them?  Since the Protestants began their schisms from The Roman Catholic Church, the Christian counterbalance to evil has become increasingly less effective.

As long as Christianity is divided into hundreds of competing, conflicting denominations, our nations will continue to be destroyed by demons from the beast.  As Jesus said “A house divided cannot stand.”

Will those possessed by the demons of pride return to The Church from the schisms that are let Communists, Moslems, and Libertines to  triumph over our nations and families?

Will they curb their pride?  Will they put pride aside to kneel within The Church that Jesus, Whom they claim to worship and obey, began by saying to the first Pope, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

How will those in schism treated at Judgment?  Will prideful schismatics be seen as having let themselves be so possessed by the demons of pride that they are sentenced to greater agony than any?  Won’t they be made to pay the highest possible price for the disgusting pride that allowed anger, envy, and lust to rule the world?

Are any questions more important?  Those who find themselves avoiding them should know that they run the most awful risk of all.  Unfortunately, most are so paralyzed by seventh sin of sloth they can do nothing but continue to sink.