The beast is gaining power.

The beast described in Revelation has seven heads.  They represent the seven deadly sins:  pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth.

Left to their own devices, or kept back by The Church and the prayers of the faithful, the heads gnaw at each other.  When The Church retreats from the world, as She is doing now, the heads begin to devour whole nations.  The beast is gaining power.

We see anger, manifested in the Moslems, raping and killing as they gain strength in once-Catholic nations.  Sexual profligacy, the sin of lust, is running rampant because Church teaching is ignored.  Every kind of  excess is encouraged.  Few have the courage to stop it.  The beast is gaining power.

When The Church is strong, those two heads want to devour each other.  Anger, now personified by the Moslems, wants to destroy all who do not support Moslem beliefs in which rich men get many wives.  There are no wives left for poor men, who must invade other nations to find wives.

Now, anger and lust work together.  Soon, the head of the beast that is anger will turn upon and eradicate homosexuals as it strives to destroy every manifestation of sex but the tiny, polygamous part controlled by wealthy Molsem men.  The Church offers homosexuals their only chance of survival.  Blinded by sin, they cannot see it.

With The Church withdrawing, the opportunity for the entire beast to grow is here, and the heads work together.  Political systems are coming under the control of those motivated by greed, gluttony, envy, and the other sins as the seven heads are allowed to devour more lives and souls of men, women, and children.

The beast is gaining power.  The various schisms have dropped like flies into the sins they once condemned.  All have embraced birth control.  Only a few stand against abortion and sexual excess.  The Catholic Church still stands, ever lonelier, for the morals that others have abandoned.

The beast is gaining power.  Nothing to worry about.  All things work together for good.  Catholics are on the brink of opportunities for salvation unmatched since the days of the 8th Henry and the terrors of revolutionary Paris and Moscow.

It’s our opportunity.  We may pray to be worthy of wearing the white robes, praising God forever.