Beyond pride.

If we are fortunate enough to have been asked to join the happy pilgrims, our sense of God’s power grows. We start asking Him for help. Soon, we may become bores, praying for things all the time.

Our beginning prayers are of the “Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz variety.”

“Jesus, Lord, to You I plea,

Please give what I want to me.”

As time goes on, many of these prayers are answered. Sometimes, just to shut us up. If we are fortunate enough to continue the journey, prayers change. Of course, we continue to pray for our own well being, but find that praying for others’ becomes important.

Then, we make a bit of a breakthrough and find that listening to God is more important than talking to Him.

“Jesus, Lord, to you I plea,

Let me better obey Thee.”

If we are invited to continue traveling, we see that earthly concerns aren’t as nearly important as passing our final.

“Jesus, Lord, to you I plea,

Please, Dear Lord, please forgive me.”