Bureaucracies hate The Catholic Doctrine of Subsidiarity

Since Babylon, governments have built bureaus. Bureaus hire bureaucrats.

+ Bureaucracies wage three wars.

1. They fight to take money from taxpayers.

2. They battle other bureaus to get more of the money taken from taxpayers.

3. They wage endless overt and covert wars to keep foreign bureaucrats from killing them and stealing their jobs.

+ The History of every government.

1. Every government begins with “patriots”. They promise: “The rights of the people must be protected.”

2. Patriots are replaced by bureaucrats. “People must be made to pay for our services, whether they need them or not.”

3. Bureaucracies soon need tyrants to keep money flowing to them. The “rights” of the people disappear.

+ The growth of every government.

1. Government jobs provide automatic increases in salary, pensions, and benefits.

2. Government workers become a wealthy, secure aristocracy.

3. People become obsessed with getting government jobs.

+ Devaluation of rights and money.

1. When governments take more than 10% of people’s money, they run out of money.

2. To provide more money, Governments raise taxes and devalue their currency.

3. When citizens become too poor, they hate their government. Then, their government is overthrown by revolution. Revolutions are always encouraged and subsidized by bureaucrats from other nations.

+ Every new government promises

1. See above.

2. See above.

3. See above.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The Catholic Church has a cure for the endless, bloody cycle: The Doctrine of Subsidiarity.

The Doctrine of Subsidiarity teaches: “Work should be done at the lowest possible level.” Children should tie their own shoes as soon as they are able. Mothers and Fathers should take care of their families. Men and women should mind their own business. Government should defend its people and provide fair, just laws.

When The Doctrine of Subsidiarity is followed, there is no meddling. There are no endless “Inspectors and inspections.” There are no “Regulators and regulations” throttling every person, business, and activity.

In The Doctrine of Subsidiarity, freedom brings prosperity to all who do useful work.


Excessive government brings prosperity to those who do not want to do useful work.

Until it doesn’t.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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