Catholic Fundamentalism

Catholic Fundamentalism

is the spiritual equivalent of the unified field theory. It sums up all Creation with the theory that God can program in three dimensions. He, and/or His Sub-programmers, are able to program particles, and then compile those particles into structures, systems, and beings.

The other side has always tried to replace God with some sort of automatic process that would account for all there is. At the same time, those allies who say they believe in Him endlessly work to diminish His power. The other side presents us with either no God at all, or a slow, weak God that they make in their image.

Since Catholic Fundamentalism follows traditional Catholic teaching, we understand that He programmed a universe that would provide us with free will. For our belief to be meaningful, we had to be able to look at far-off stars, or at what may be seen as ancient fossils, and ignore ordinary teachings about them. The chosen reasonably conclude that the Bible is an accurate portrayal of His programming. Those whom He chooses have the faith and obedience, which is what He uses to select His chosen, to believe in Him, His Church, and His Word, despite what the other side teaches.

Catholic Fundamentalism reflects a belief in a powerful God and in the accuracy of His Word. It is the most revolutionary approach to the Roman Catholic Church since Pascal developed Probability Theory and used it to choose The Church.

Interestingly, few professional Catholics are supportive of Catholic Fundamentalism. That’s as it should be.