Catholic Fundamentalism in five, easy steps.

Catholic Fundamentalism approaches God by visualizing Him as The Loving Programmer.

1.  The Loving Programmer programs in particles and energies.  With them, He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.  It’s like a giant, 3-D movie that runs and runs.  Each of us is the star of our own, smaller movie running within it.  The Creation Program is so well written that no one can prove He wrote and downloaded it.

2.  Why did He go to all that trouble?  He wanted to let His human programs divide themselves into sheep and goats.

3.  Human programs who choose to believe and obey Him have their immortal souls, the “nucleating agent” around which mind, bodies, and spirits are gathered, spend eternity in joyful closeness to Him.

4.  Other human programs choose to be corrupted by the virus.  Their souls will suffer endless pain.

5.  The complexity, apparent age, and size of The Creation Program are among the countless details He wrote and downloaded to provide us with free will.

The New Evangelization is a way to think of God and His Creation.  Catholic Fundamentalism sees God as The Loving Programmer of The Creation Program.