Catholic Fundamentalism on Facebook

Catholic Fundamentalism on Facebook has been amazing.  In just a few months, the site has generated over 6,000 “Likes”.

That is astonishing, especially when considering that people are leaving the post-Vatican II Church in droves and most Catholics have given up on attracting young people.  When we consider that Catholic Fundamentalism, the most conservative approach to The Roman Catholic Church on the internet, is attracting so many young people,  it is even more amazing.

Half of those who push the “Like” button on Facebook are under 25.

Half of them are minorities.

Several are named “Mohammed”.

One is a Bishop.

Many faithful Catholics are on the site regularly.  So are many Protestants.  Moslems and Buddhists visit often.  Some of the most frequent are very anti-Catholic.

The Roman Catholic Church continues to attract people.  The website, has been effective.  When Catholic Fundamentalism went to Facebook, this new approach to The Church is now available to more people than ever:

“People can program 2-D pixels to make realistic movies.  God, The Loving Programmer, programs with 3-D pixels.  He has programmed and downloaded The Creation Program.  His most complicated programs are we humans.  Each human program is lovingly written and d0wnloaded with free will.  We live within the larger Creation Program.  His programs are so beautifully written that we human programs can’t intellectually prove whether or not The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded it.”

Finally, we who live in our new Age of  Computers and electron control can relate more easily to the God of our fathers by considering Him as The Loving Programmer.  And, we can have a better sense of how precious and important their own program is.