Catholic Fundamentalism, The Holy Alliance.

Catholic Fundamentalism, The Holy Alliance  is between two faithful, striving, Christian groups, Catholics and Fundamentalists.  Catholic Fundamentalism,  The Holy Alliance,  is a new approach to God.

As the name implies, Catholicism and Fundamentalism are  natural religious allies.  True Catholics are Fundamentalists when it comes to literal interpretations like, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

Fundamentalists, though, tend to be a little ahead of Catholics when it comes to taking God’s power to create seriously.  While too many Catholics run off the rails by giving credence to silly, God-distancing theories like “Creation began in a ‘big bang’ 15 billion years ago.”, Fundamentalists more easily see through such scams.

Catholics have an inexplicable tendency to take seriously the Darwinist claptrap so beloved by pseudo-intellectuals.  Fundamentalists see the very same theories, and almost instantaneously realize that they are self-serving, soul-destroying distractions of the left.  It is not that Fundamentalists are smarter.  Their families have generally been living in America longer, often since Presidents who thought like Andrew Jackson.  So, smarter Americans are almost bred to see through government scams.

Catholic Fundamentalism, The Holy Alliance is built on this:  “God is The Loving Programmer.  He wrote the programs for all the particles and energies.  Then, He compiled them, and downloaded The Creation Program.  He did so in order that we free will creatures could choose to believe in Him, obey His Commandments, and live forever with Him in joy.  Or, not.”

When Catholics and Fundamentalists see and embrace the strong points of the others’ point of view, Catholic Fundamentalism results.  Catholic Fundamentalism makes more sense than any other system of beliefs, incorporating protons, prophets, and The Loving Programmer.

Catholic Fundamentalism,  The Holy Alliance, is very helpful in letting us understand how real, and how powerful, God is.  That understanding helps us save our souls, since “the beginning of wisdom is fear of The Lord”.