Waging war on the middle class.

The middle class is not in the middle of the bell curve.  It’s to the right of the middle, and only extends a little bit to the left.

Collectively, the middle class has a lot of money.  The devil does what he can to take it.  He orders his seven tribes of corrupting viruses, pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, sloth, and lust, to destroy everyone they can.  Since there are a lot of middle class people, they bear a big onslaught from those who are waging war on the middle class.

They are tempted by mortages they can get, but not pay.  They are made to believe in “education” that leave them more ignorant than when they started.  They are encouraged to abandon families to find “self”. 

We are surrounded by shills,  siren songs of attraction to destruction.  They, too, are waging war on the middle class.

Only believing in, and obeying God, lets us win.  He, alone, has the power to save us from those who want to destroy us.  Lots of people know that.  Few will live accordingly.