Catholic Fundamentalism: Two Breakthroughs

Catholic Fundamentalism has discovered a new way to look at God: We respectfully suggest a few moments thought be given to considering Him as The Loving Programmer. That new name lets us better understand His abilities to write and download The Creation Program.
What sets Him apart from human programmers? He can program in three dimensions. First, He programmed sub-programmers. Some were given the ability to program energies. Others could program particles. Other angelic programmers compiled all the energies and particles into The Creation Program.
The Creation Program was written for us human programs, each lovingly written and downloaded by processes that combine body and spirit. He had us downloaded within The Creation Program with free will. We could either choose to believe in and obey His Programming Instruction or to not do so.
The entire process exists to separate sheep from goats.

Another of Catholic Fundamentalism’s breakthroughs is the realization of another similarity between God and His human programs. Viruses are part of computer reality. Any processor, program, and file is liable to be corrupted by viruses. In the same way, spiritual viruses, called demons in the Iron Age, corrupt human processors and files.
The Roman Catholic Church, in this Age of Electron Control, offers us the best defense against these spiritual viruses. She provided the same spiritual advantages in the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages.
At the end of the day, and at the end of our own, the only thing that keeps any person from believing that are what we, in our age, may thing of as spiritual viruses