Origin of Catholic Fundamentalism

The Creation Program was written and downloaded with enough complexity to separate sheep from goats. “This had to be an accident!” say the vain, as the complexity of things becomes more apparent.

When they hear, “The oceans have more cups of water than a cup of water has molecules.”, they cannot imagine a God being smart enough to put that in place. When they hear that if the molecules in a teaspoon of water were laid end to end, they’d make a line over 30 billion miles long, they are unable to conceive of a God smart enough to do that. “That just shows that we live an accident that evolved over time!” they tell us.

And, when they study the water molecules that change from solid to liquid to gas, they are more convinced. “This has to be an accident. God could not be smart enough to do this.”

Education is carefully designed to foster the opinion that things are too complicated for God to have made. Students are taught that every sub-program is “too complicated for anything but an accidental cause.”

Telescopes make belief in God even harder. “There are so many millions of galaxies and billions of stars. And, microscopes show tiny worlds of such complicated natures that no being could be smart enough to produce it. This has to be an accident.”

The same people will go to realistic-looking movies made with computer aided graphics. They will not reach the simple conclusion, “The humans who programmed this very realistic movie are made in the image of God. If we can program in two dimensions, maybe God can program in three dimensions. He could program particles, compile them into systems and beings, and download The Creation Program!”

This leads to The Catholic Church. “God programmed all there is to give us free will. He has angels pushing “repeat” buttons with amazing speed to make countless Galaxy Programs appear as telescoped grew more powerful. He has electron and molecule programs at every level. And, He has as many billion Programming Assistants, they called them “angels”, back in the Iron Age, as He needs.”

That was Catholic Fundamentalism’s origin. As its exploration continues, we see ever more clearly the mind and hand of The Unprogrammed Programmer behind all there is. We see that Scripture was given to us by The Only Church He Founded to give us a history of what He did.

We see hundreds of prophecies about the coming of Jesus. They were fulfilled with miraculous accuracy. We see The Church He Founded still headed by Peter’s successor.

We are blessed with saving Sacraments. We consider The Loving Programmer, The Program, and Programming as an updated, if inadequate, way to see The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We are blessed to be Catholic and understand that considering God’s power to program explains all there is. And, quickly, too.

That is the origin of Catholic Fundamentalism.