Catholic Fundamentalists Don’t Dumb-down God to Reflect Our Own Abilities

The very basis of Catholic Fundamentalism is that God is so incredibly powerful that He can program particles, compile them into systems and beings, and have them move through time. His most complicated programs are us, His living, replicating, free-will programs.

We believe that He is smart and powerful enough to have programmed and downloaded the entire Creation Program, with us in it, in a week. That’s not a “long” week, with thousand-year days, but six days, with twenty four hours in each one. Now, we don’t know that He did in one hundred and forty four hours (6 days X 24 hours), but we believe that He could have.

We are confirmed in our belief because we see in Scripture that God doesn’t like to waste time. And, Scripture, itself, tells us that He operates according to schedules to which He told the prophets that He would adhere. If He could get the necessary mineral, energy, plant, and animal programs done and downloaded in a week, why would He take longer?

We also believe: “The universe is the most efficient way for Him to have programmed a place that would provide each human free-will program with the free will necessary to make belief in, and obedience to, Him all that’s needed for salvation.”

It is universal on the left that any belief in God must incorporate within it the popular limitations and restrictions that the leftist mind feels necessary to put upon Him, without using a capitol “H”. So, they conclude, “If there is a God, He took twenty billion years to make the universe as we now know it to be.” The “twenty billion years” is flexible among the leftists. Some say “ten billion years is how long it took Him”. Others may insist that it took “fifteen”. Saying, and expecting others to believe, such bizarrely unprovable things is something that all leftists enjoy doing, and they share the ability of looking very, very serious while putting forth their points of view.

As readers know, Catholic Fundamentalists like to quantify things. We see that The Loving Programmer could be believed to have written and downloaded His countless multitude of angelic sub-programmers who, in turn, brought the vast Creation Program into being, (with us in it!) in six days.

On the other side, those who wish to limit God’s abilities to reflect their own will insist that the 7,305,000,000,000 (seven trillion, three hundred and five billion) days that make up twenty billion years is how long it would take Him to have put into being all that there is. That means, they believe that God is 1,217,500,000,000 (more than 1.2 trillion!) times less capable than we believe Him to be. The gap between our humble belief in His power and the lack of power they ascribe to Him is precisely that immense.

The gulf that separates love from hate, truth from lies, and the joys of Heaven from the pains of Hell is, minimally, also about that wide.