Catholics are obsessed with Words!

Catholics are obsessed with Words!  We see the Power of God’s Word.  God’s “First Word” was “Let there be light.”

What happened?  “And, there was light.”  There still is!  We know God Spoke light into Being.  We know that His “light” still shines.  Liquids, Gasses, Solids, and Energy were Spoken into Being.  Earth, air, fire, and water remain “the four quarters” of Creation.

That’s why Catholics are obsessed with Words!   Creation is God’s Word!


Catholics realize the ongoing existence of “light” shows that His Word has the power to do two things.

1.  He can “speak” something into being from nothing.

2.  His Word can keep His Word in being.

Therefore, every Word God Speaks is Truth.


God’s enemies cannot destroy the operation of “the four quarters of Creation”.  They can speak Words of Disobedience to God’s Free Will Beings.   Those jealous of God endlessly say:  “Ignore God!  Gratify yourself!”

We know God blesses those who obey Him.   “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

His obedient “friends” obey The Teachings of The Church He Spoke Into Being with His Word.   “And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

God’s disobedient “enemies” lead others to disobey God.  How do they do that?  They speak their “words”!


Their calls to disobedience include:  “What will your friends think if you join The Catholic Church?   Put their feelings before God.”

Similar words encourage every self-gratification.   They are the cause of every willful disobedience.


We picture a person (soul) who lives in a house (mind/body) surrounded by high grass.   A blazing line of fire approaches. It is driven by the wind (time).

The person knows the fire is moving closer.  He or she may call an insurance agent (Catholic priest) to get a life-insurance policy (Absolution).  But, decides to wait.

We pray that all will call while they can.

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