Catholics know what “abundant waters” are!

The Book of Revelation is clear! “The woman in scarlet” is a ruler. Where does she rule? Rev 17:2: “. . the famous prostitute rules enthroned by abundant waters.”

What are the “abundant waters” that she rules? Catholics know what “abundant waters” are!

In Bible, the word “waters” is a symbol for “people”. Therefore, “abundant waters” are prosperous people. People become prosperous after they take over an area. Lands become “abundant” when good leaders provide good examples.

As a nation becomes prosperous, it becomes “abundant”. Then, the Sin of Greed grows into Gluttony! A handful of the richest people takes assets from everyone they can. Gluttons become the only “abundant waters”!


Chapter 17 of The Book of Revelation tells us several times! “the woman in scarlet” is a “prostitute”! Every “prostitute” loves rich clients!

Every “prostitute” despises those who are not rich enough to pay them as much as they want.


Billionaire senators of Rome ruled an Empire. Many of them had huge annual incomes! The richest Roman Senators collected 4 to 6,000 pounds of gold! Every year!

In every Age, Gluttons take over every Empire. Billionaires become the “abundant waters”!

“the woman in scarlet” only serves them while they are billionaires! That’s why billionaires want more money! They love being served by “the woman in scarlet”. She pretends to love them only if they are successfully gluttonous.


Every society becomes divided into two groups. There are “abundant waters” and there are the rest of us! We are despised drops in its “waters”! Catholics know what “abundant waters” are!

Catholics also see an overlooked connection between gluttony and blood-sucking vampires! What gives food to the “prostitute”? “she was drunk, drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus; . .”

Vanity keeps billionaires from thinking clearly enough to understand! They would rather be praised by the “prostitute” than have their immortal souls forever among those who obey: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The poor billionaires!

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