Catholics live in God’s Big Dream

Catholics “Dream Big”.  Catholics live in God’s Big Dream.  To “Dream Big” we must understand what we see when we dream.?  We have two sets of eyes.  Our “outer eyes” see light reflected from stage props and set decorations in The Big Movie.

That light is recorded in the memory molecules of our mind.

Inside our brain, our spirit has “eyes”.  Our spirit “sees” what has been recorded in our mind.  When we dream, our spirit puts those pictures together in different ways.  The creations of our dreams reflect the fact that we are made in The Image The Big Dreamer.

God “dreamed up” the Entire Creation Program.  He produced His Dream with pixels.  God’s Big Dream is immense!  It provided the farthest galaxies and the tiniest particles.  All of them whirl around to form the set decorations and stage props of The Big Movie.  His “Big Dream” took form in Creation.

The Big Movie forces each actor make one of two decisions:  Some decide:  “I will follow The Directions!”  Others decide, “I will do what I want.”

When we dream, we create little worlds of our own within our minds.  Our dreams show that we are “made in the image of God”.

When we dream, we are making our own “little movie”.  Many have a repeating “dream”.

We dream that we entered a room at conception.  We grow and see more and more.  After moving through the crowds of actors and stage props of the “room”, we see a stairway.

Above the stairway arched a sign.  As we get closer, we can read the words:  “The Only Church Jesus Founded.”

Our souls may enter The Kingdom of The Dreamer!  We dream that we may be worthy of being there.  We may be blessed to be among “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

Catholics live in God’s Big Dream.  We may join Him and the Stars of The Big Movie if we “Dream Big!”