Catholics love to see details about Jesus! #1.

. Jesus lets Catholics ‘see more details’ about Him! We are grateful!

Question 1: “Why do Catholics love ‘details’ about Jesus?”

Answer: “Looking at ‘details’ lets Catholics see the Power of Jesus! Catholics love to look at ‘details’ about the ‘fine wine’ Jesus produced at The Wedding Feast of Cana!”


Question 2: “What ‘details’ do Catholics see?”

Answer: “These are some simple ‘Catholic details’!

Detail 1: Molecules that make ‘fine wine’ are different than molecules in cheap wines of common vintage.

Detail 2: Our human ‘brain’ is aware of the atom-sized ‘differences’ that make the molecules of ‘fine wine’.”

Detail 3: We have brains that think well enough to prefer ‘fine wine’.”


Question 3: “Those are simple ‘details’! Are there more?”

Answer: “That’s just a beginning of what Catholics see!

Detail 4: Jesus Christ turned nearly 200 gallons (757 liters) of water molecules into ‘fine wine’ at The Wedding Feast of Cana!”

Detail 5. He changed the atoms in over a ‘septillion water molecules’! That’s 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules!

Detail 6: Jesus was able to produce that transformation in an instant!

Detail 7: The ‘headwaiter’ was an experienced connoisseur. He knew how good The Wine of Jesus was!

Detail 8: The ‘connoisseur’ gave us another detail: ‘Most people serve good wine first and cheap wine, later.’

Detail 9: After our brains are confused by a few drinks, we cannot tell ‘fine wine’ from cheaper vintages.”

Detail 10: Most people take advantage of that ‘detail’ to save money by serving ‘cheaper wine’ to those less likely to notice.”

Detail 11: Jesus saved the best for last!


Question 4: “How did Jesus turn water molecules into the atoms and molecules that make ‘fine wine’ at Cana?”

Answer: “Jesus has ‘The Power to Program and Download’ atoms and molecules! He proved that by instantaneously ‘programming’ and ‘downloading’ countless molecules of ‘fine wine’!”


Question 5: “Why did Jesus do that?”

Answer: “Every Catholic is smart enough to answer that! His Blessed Mother asked Him to to help the bankrupt family. Jesus Christ obeyed His Mother!


Question 6: “Does Jesus Christ always do what His Blessed Mother asks?”

Answer: “Catholics see that ‘Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.’ Every Catholic sees That Important Detail!”

Question 7: Do Catholics see any other wine-related details?

Answer: Detail 12! Catholics see that at His Last Supper, He provided another wine-related Miracle. He changed bread and wine into His Body and Blood! Catholics receive That Holy Food, the finest ‘fine wine’ in Creation in The Miracle that is Every Catholic Mass!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Simple reasons to be Catholic.