Catholics see: we are actors in The Big Movie.

Catholics see:  we are actors in The Big Movie.  When our performance is over, we meet the critic.  We receive our Final Review.

Most actors don’t even realize they are on stage.  Why?  The set is very complicated!  It was programmed out of 3-D pixels.  They were compiled into the elements, compounds, structures, and beings in The Big Movie.

The Big Movie Set spins through space.  The inter-working props of the Set are so detailed that most actors don’t think about The Producer, Writer, and Director in the Back Office.

Actors strut around The Set.  Their most-repeated thoughts and lines?  “See how smart I am!”  That is true.  Actors are very smart.

Most Actors don’t want to know we’re merely actors in The Big Movie.  “No Producer, Writer, or Director made The Big Movie.  No one could be that much smarter than Me!  It has to be an accident.”

History is merely the study of Past Performances.  Science is just the study of Stage Props.  Economics examines ways for actors to Get More Props.

“They are missing the point!”, The Producer said.  “I will give them the only truth they can know.”  Prophets appeared among the descendants of Abraham, an actor who followed directions.

Those prophets wrote bizarre Predictions:  “The Writer will take human form and come to earth.”  Hundreds of prophecies came true.    The Writer came to earth from the predicted Tribe and House at the predicted time and place.  As promised, He allowed Himself to be painfully erased, “lifted up”, “bones visible yet unbroken”.  In front of credible witnesses, He came back to life.

He gave the oddest directions actors ever received, repeating 14 times, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”  He Founded One Church that provided, of All Things, His Actual Body and Blood.

Catholics understand:  Each of us is an actor in The Big Movie.  Some Actors choose to follow Directions.  Others do not.