Catholics stand before Pilate in every age.

Catholics stand before Pilate in every age. 500 years ago, greedy men realized: “The Catholic Church has assets and influence. We can get rich if we steal Church assets! We can stay rich if we weaken Church influence.”

They convinced their King to confiscate almost twenty million acres of Catholic lands and give it to them. They turned monasteries, convents, and schools into manor houses and vast estates. Protestants repeated that process throughout Europe.

Those who wanted to seize Church assets and destroy Catholic influence justified their crimes by demonizing priests, nuns, Bishops, The Successor to Peter, and all Catholics.

Catholics stand before Pilate in every age. Pontius Pilate is The Bible’s symbol of government. He listens to the loudest mob. In every age, Pilate crucifies Jesus and sets Barabbas free. Today, Pilate appears as Attorneys General, prosecutors, and elected officials.

The howling mob now appears as approved “commentators” and “protesters”. The billionaire-serving media pretends to provide “good reasons” why The Church is bad to fire up a mob.

Catholics understand: The Pro-Life Catholic Church is a target. Many make a living by providing abortions and abortion-inducing pills and implants. They want to destroy The Church for loving neighbors enough to insist: “Life must be protected from conception until natural death.”

Many groups are based on sin. They want to destroy The Catholic Church for standing against prostitution, pornography, and profligacy.

Many see a Catholic threat to funding and credibility. Catholic Schools provide better education at half the cost of government schools. Some would like to see Catholic Schools disappear.

Other enemies of The Church are knowingly involved in the myriad of Solving Imaginary Problems funded by relentless taxation. They do not like The Catholic Church reminding them: “Thou shall not bear false witness.”

The latest howling mob before Pilate rants about several thousand allegations of abuse to justify attacking The Church. Catholics are smart enough to understand their motivations.

Some things never change. Catholics stand before Pilate in every age.