An example of how Protestantism destroys rational perspective.

An example of how Protestantism destroys rational perspective.

I once told a Protestant friend why I became a Catholic:

“My job required me to spend several years driving to nearly every town and city in Pennsylvania and Western Ohio. I drove over a hundred thousand miles. I saw that countless counties, cities, towns, rivers, roads, and mountain ranges had been named after Indian Tribes that once lived there.

After three years, I suddenly realized: ‘I have driven through hundreds of thousands of square miles! I have never seen a single Indian! Not one! Out of the million Indians who once lived here, I did not see one, single Indian’

I wondered: ‘Where did all those Indians go? I began to read history books. Volumes of them boiled down to a single, horrifying conclusion: All those Indians had been ruthlessly exterminated by Land-Grabbing Protestants!

My own Denomination, among the Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and other popular Protestant denominations of the time had built their towns and churches on the settlements of the Indians whose lands they stole.

I tried to make an excuse: “The Indians were mostly killed by disease.”

Honesty required me to admit: ‘Spanish Catholics brought the very same diseases to Mexico and Latin America. 95% of those peoples still have Indian DNA. Catholics built schools, Churches, (like the Alamo and countless others), hospitals, and orphanages. Catholics helped Indians instead of killing them and stealing their lands.”

when I explained this, a dear Protestant friend replied:

“There are still Indians around here. I was at an Indian Pow-Wow several years ago. Almost fifty Indians attended.”

It was the most perfect example I had seen of how Protestantism destroys rational perspective. “We need not feel guilty for exterminating a million Indians and stealing their land! Fifty Indians could travel hundreds of miles and still attend a Pow-Wow.”!

An example of how Protestantism destroys rational perspective.