Once Judas. Now abusers. Catholics pass “Tests of Faith”.

Once Judas. Now abusers. Catholics pass “Tests of Faith”.

Self-righteous people abandoned Jesus when they realized that Jesus had allowed Judas to among His Disciples.

“Jesus should have known enough to send Judas away. Jesus was wrong for letting Judas be there to betray Him.”

That vanity was echoed. All anti-Catholics mocked Jesus. “Jesus let His betrayer stay with Him! Julius Caesar was also murdered by his former friends. Jesus can’t be any smarter than Julius Caesar was.”

Judas helped The Church. Judas gave every self-righteous person the necessary excuse to abandon the tiny handful of true believers.

Today, many use the same reasoning: “I cannot respect The Catholic Church! Some of its Bishops allowed molesters to remain among the priests.”

Many people listen to Babylon’s endless onslaught of publicity about the “great evil” caused by abusing agents of evil who infiltrated The Church.

Those too vain to understand proudly identify themselves to God and us. “I know that billions of unborn babies have been killed before birth in the last 60 years. I know that in a thirty year period, ending thirty years ago, ten or twenty thousand children were abused by Catholic clergy and teachers. I spend little time concerned about the billions of unborn children who were killed. I love to complain about the 20,000 allegations of abuse!”

The abusers provided a “Tests of Faith”. Those who fail “Tests of Faith” decide, “I will disparage The Only Church Jesus Founded because abusers infiltrated The Catholic Church and committed sins. I will ignore the greatest sin in history, the deaths of billions of unborn babies by abortion and abortion-inducing birth control pills and implants.”

Vanity separates sheep from goats. Many let vanity lead them to reject The Only Church Jesus Founded when He Decreed:

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”