Catholics understand The Breasts of Babylon.



A very old statue makes the present clear.  It is the goddess of Babylon.  The statue is brilliantly symbolic.  Catholics understand The Breasts of Babylon.

The goddess of Babylon offers earthly sustenance to believers.  Each breast symbolizes a freely-flowing source of funding.

Today, one row of breasts is labeled “Welfare”.  Its row of breasts include “Free food!”,  “Free Housing!”,  “Free medical care!”, “Free energy!”, “Free phones!” and as many others as needed quiet the clamoring crowds of Babylonians below.

Another row of breasts represent “Public education”.  Those who suckle at its many breasts cry for more!  “Higher salaries!”, “Better benefits!”  “Bigger pensions!”  “More!, More!  More!” they endlessly demand.

Babylon’s sucklings are greedy.  “That’s us, second from left in the third row down!  We want to take over more breasts!  Let’s get rid of those old-fashioned military types and take their funding!”

Soon, those who suckle overpower those who produce.  As each Babylon begins to die, new Breasts fund huge Stadiums of Distraction.  Mind-altering drugs, titillation, and entertainment flow from them.

Pseudo-intellectuals invent and believe the Imaginary Problems that flow from The Breasts of Babylon.  “Global Warming will kill us!  All hurtful solids, liquids, and gases must be controlled!   Overpopulation will destroy the planet!”  They know:  “Our Imaginary Problem deserves its own breast!”

Each Imaginary problem is an excuse for more taxation, regulation, jails, and death.

The bizarre number of breasts keeps most from looking up to see the face.  Fewer realize that behind the face is the Mind of Babylon.   Controlling its mind:  unholy spirit.

Behind the statue is a printing press.  Money, the milk of government, flows from the producers of necessities to the breasts.

Smacking sucklings soon overpower the more able.  Other nations realize:  “They can no longer defend themselves!  We can destroy them!”   And, they do.

Babylons come and go.  The Only Church Jesus Founded sails serenely on.  Catholics understand The Breasts of Babylon.