Catholics visualize our soul

Catholics visualize our soul as the captain of a ship.  A big cargo ship will carry four hundred million pounds. The captain may weigh 200 pounds.  The ship is two million times bigger than its captain!

Then, we realize, “The captain’s brain weighs about three pounds.  The ship is over a million times bigger than the brain that guides it.”

NOW, we are getting closer to visualizing the size of our soul.  There are 37 TRILLION cells in a human body.  Divide that by the captain’s weight of 200 pounds, and we see that there are 185 billion cells per pound.  So, the three pound brain has 550 BILLION brain cells.

Catholics visualize our soul.  Our mother’s ova was the size of a small grain of salt.  Our father’s contribution was much smaller, barely bigger than a grain of talcum powder.

That gives us an approximate size of our soul!  It may have been inside the fertilized ova, or hovering around it like a tiny cloud as God’s Holy Angels began to direct the miraculous downloading of atoms and molecules.  They built our spirit, mind, and body according to the blueprints provided by the far, far tinier DNA molecules of our mother and father.

There are over a trillion molecules in each cell.

This helps Catholics visualize our soul.  It is really small.  It came into being at our conception and it will live forever.

As Catholics visualize our soul we realize its tiny preciousness.  Catholics are blessed to understand and respect The Teaching of The Only Church Jesus Founded:  “Life must be protected from conception to natural death.”

We pray that all may accept the teaching of The Church Jesus Founded and avoid abortion, abortion-inducing birth control, and any interference with the miraculous preciousness of every human life.

Catholics are blessed by prayerfully contemplating The Immaculate Conception that allowed Jesus to be born with no flaw from Original Sin.