The challenge of Catholic Fundamentalism.

Over the past few years, this site, and a few books, have explored the exciting possibilities of using words from our own age, rather than the Iron Age, to define God and the process of Creation. Christianity, which emerged in the Iron Age, replaced the religions of the Stone Ages before it. Christianity also replaced the earlier, Stone Age languages with Latin.

In our own lifetimes, we have gone from the Iron Age to the Age of Electron Flow. The Roman Catholic Church, “the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow”, does not have Her truths change, but must recognize that fewer and fewer people can speak Iron Age languages.

Who among us has ever used a “yoke”? Who fills a lamp with oil every evening? Who grinds grain into flour? Who works by hand in fields?

But, most of us use computers and electricity. So, when we consider God as the “Unprogrammed Programmer” and realize that He can program in three dimensions, suddenly the Aquinian wholeness of the Roman Catholic Church begins to be restored.

A lot of thought and effort has been devoted into incorporating God-reducing concepts like evolution into our thinking. Catholic Fundamentalism allows us to better see God’s awesome power, and realize that His Church is His great gift to us.

As we grow in understanding of the concept of God as Programmer of particles, structures, systems, and beings, our faith grows stronger. For many, it’s hard to get rid of all these carefully incorporated theories. Once, it was hard to get rid of the complicated theories that mistakenly explained how the earth went around the sun.

Telling others about Catholic Fundamentalism’s idea of God as “Unprogrammed Programmer” may help them to align their souls with He Who programmed them.