Our choice: Babylon or The Catholic Church.

Babylon wants us all to be childless, working, paying taxes, and dying the week before we start drawing Social Security.

The Catholic Church encourages mothers and fathers to produce children with immortal souls rather than mindlessly obsessing on careers. The Church prefers taking care of children within a loving family structure. The Church prefers no divorce, a husband working, with one wife and mother staying home. The Church feels it is wrong to impoverish families with crippling, hurtful taxes simply to pay outlandish pensions, salaries, and benefits to those who worship the idols of Babylon.

When it comes to life and death, The Church wants us to live long, grow closer to God, elevating our soul for eternity.

The differences between Babylon and The Catholic Church could not be clearer. Our choice: Babylon or The Catholic Church.

Amazingly, some shun The Catholic Church for something closer to Babylon. Not smart. Not wise. Not intelligent. Not faithful. Not obedient. But, that’s how goats separate themselves from sheep.

Our choice: Babylon or The Catholic Church. Thus it has always been.