Church & State & Greece

The Loving Programmer downloaded us self-replicating, free-will, human programs with the ability to program our own governments. When we have governments that do His will, we prosper. When we don’t, we don’t.

The basic flaw that is, once again, manifesting itself in Greece originates in their religion’s mistaken view of The Holy Trinity. Catholics believe that The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate, but equal. The Greek’s church believes that the Son is less than equal. It’s hard to imagine making a bigger mistake, but they’ve been making it for centuries. Finally, in 1054, they split from Rome, announced the installation of their own “pope”, and haven’t done well since.

God has turned His face from them to the exact degree they’ve turned from Him. All their possessions in Turkey have been taken by Moslems, along with most of their islands. Now, they are in something worse than bankruptcy. A third of the jobs in Greece are provided by the government. After paying salaries and benefits to a swollen public sector, it has so little money that it must go begging to other governments every few months.

The “Iron Law of Governments” is: “No Bureaucrat Must Ever Lose A Job”. Every bureaucrat in every nation understands that “If one of those Greek bureaucrats loses a job, I might lose mine.” That is the fearful, universal, motivating thought in every bureaucrat’s mind in every country in the world. It is so powerful a thought that it erases all desires to “love your neighbor as yourself”. In Greece, that’s an easier conclusion to reach because their church undermines the status of the Second Person of The Holy Trinity so that His Operating Instructions as to the importance of loving one’s neighbor may be ignored.

Overwhelming the mind and the heart of every such self-loving being is an underlying core belief: “I must not, in any way, be held accountable for my mistakes or the mistakes of other government employees and officials. As far as I am concerned, the most important, if not the only, thing in the world is that I, personally, continue to be overpaid, over-benefited, and over-pensioned.”

Worldwide, bureaucrats have united in a great hatred of their neighbors. They will work together to impoverish all of Europe, and America, in order to keep the Greek’s rotten ship of state afloat.

Are they succeeding? To date, not one Greek bureaucrat has lost a job.