Circles of hatred.

It’s always astonishing when we innocents discover that some people actually enjoy hating their neighbors. We frequently see crime shows that illustrate how cherishing hatred leads people to kill spouses, children, neighbors, business associates, store clerks, prostitutes, and even randomly selected people.

In the afterlife, the innermost circles of hatred are occupied by those who kill the largest number of their neighbors. There, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro, Mugabe, etc. suffer endlessly the torments of the damned.

Less virulent haters encourage less obvious killing. Abortificant types of birth control pills, chemical and medical abortions, and euthanasia are universally encouraged by those who hate their neighbors, but don’t hate quite enough to kill slightly more capable children adults.

Other haters encourage stealing. Taking from neighbors is an ever-popular way for government officials to support themselves. So, fountains of lies are always flowing in the courts of the damned, each one justifying more ways to take more from others.

Lying is a big part of stealing and killing, so liars have little trouble getting ahead in corrupt societies. They, too, form another circle of hatred.

Floating magically above these ravaging liars, thieves, and murderers is The Roman Catholic Church. It is invariably and eternally under attack, both from those without and from those who have cunningly managed to infiltrate it. Those within it are protected from many of the ravages that destroy their neighbors.

Just as Judas appeared among the Apostles, so must betrayers of life and truth be ever be with us.