Computers help Catholics comprehend Creation


Computers help Catholics comprehend Creation. We suggest that God, The Loving Programmer, wrote and downloaded The Creation Program out of 3-D pixels.

Some Catholics are blessed to realize:  “God made the universe like a huge movie set!  Each of us is the ‘star’ of our own movie!  We write our lines and play our role.  When our days on the stage are over, we meet The Critic!”

Time, space, and things make sense!   We are surrounded by stage props that reach from fossils to galaxies spinning through space.    Everywhere we look, countless sub-programs provide light, sound, heat, movement, plants, animals, and minerals.   The entire Creation Program exists to give each of us free will!

It has been this way from the beginning.   In our age, we have a better understanding.   People are Free-Will Programs.  Our souls, minds, bodies make big decisions while we’re in this part of The Creation Program.

When our days on the stage are over, we Meet The Critic!   If we followed Programming Instructions, our immortal soul may get to Heaven!  All there is was downloaded so that each one of us must choose:  We decide to believe and obey God, or we do not.

God downloaded future downloads to Prophets.  After a thousand years, those prophecies came true.  Jesus was born at the predicted time and place.   He was born in the Tribe of Judah, of a Virgin, in the House of David.  He was lifted up before men.  No bone of His was broken, yet many were visible.  Those who pierced Him looked upon Him.  He rose from dead.  300 prophecies were fulfilled!

Those most fully blessed to believe obey the clear call to Catholic Communion that He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies repeated fourteen times:  “If you do not eat My body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”