The more damaged the soul,

The more damaged the soul, the less connection it has with God. A flashlight bulb that’s not connected properly with its power source will flicker, and only rarely will it emit enough light to be useful. When that happens, we instinctively shake the flashlight, and sometimes, it will begin to work. Similarly, sometimes, God “shakes us up”, and we begin to put out more light.

Each soul has the ability to relate with and connect to its Programmer, Who programmed every soul with the ability to know Him. Some souls choose to get closer to its Programmer, others do not. The most damaged souls actually hate He Who programmed them, and will make no end of excuses to avoid getting closer to Him by obeying His Operating Instructions.

When we consider the shape of the soul, we have little evidence of what it looks like. St. Therese of Lisieux tells us that “souls are as different as faces”. Fifteen hundred years before that, St. Augustine used to marvel at the incredible variety of faces that God was able to provide with variations on chins, mouths, noses, cheeks, eyes, and foreheads.

Some have thought that souls are shaped something like a doughnut, each with a God-shaped hole. Others visualize their being as a curved disc, like a satellite receiver, focusing God’s wavelengths on the soul.