Some Decide to put God in a Box. Others don’t.

We human programs were written and downloaded with an element of vanity that most of us think should be encouraged, rather than controlled. We are so overflowing with vanity that we are free to decide that He Who made us can be defined as being less worthy of respect than we, ourselves. We humans have been given so much freedom to accompany our vanity that we may even choose to define Him as having been created by us.

Humble people have no trouble believing that God is powerful enough to have written and downloaded The Creation Program in the six days described in Genesis.

Those with a more boundless self-esteem choose to limit God’s abilities by their own. Such personalities put Him in a box whose size is in inverse proportion to their own vanity: “I cannot imagine how God did something that complicated in six days. If He is real, He must have taken a lot longer to create everything!”

Some think God is smart and powerful enough to have created the universe in a million years. Those more enamored with their own vanity choose to think that He was a thousand times slower than that. They believe it took Him a billion years to put the universe in place. Those who are even more vain think Him to be so powerless that it took Him twenty billion years. Near the top of the pyramid of vanity are those who conclude that we are all accidents living in an immense accident that there was no God involved.

None of those awash in their own self-esteem ask: “Would God spend more time than necessary? Would He waste time or get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible? Would I take ten years to shine my shoes?”

Every human being has been programmed with the freedom to “dumb-down” God to the point that He’s not powerful enough to worry about. As we limit His abilities, something else is simultaneously being constrained: His ability to judge us on the last day. Making that connection helps us see the driving force behind the minimization or elimination of God. It is, in fact, our desire to keep on sinning that’s at the root of what prompts us to believe in a God Who’s not powerful enough to have downloaded the Creation Program in six days.

It is better, and far safer, to control our vanity and simply believe and obey.