Democracy is self-destructing.

Democracy’s biggest drawback are vicious, unprincipled losers.  They are one reason:  Democracy is self-destructing.

When Margaret Thatcher, may she rest in peace, was re-elected, the opposing party was reduced to a self-destructive fury.  They could read the tea-leaves.  Their own plans had endlessly failed.  People could see through them.  They were, as a political party, finished.  They had to move to the right to regain power.

But, they looked at the numbers.  It became apparent that The Government Party would go on losing by a few points, unless they brought in lots of immigrants.

So, immigrants began flooding the British Isles.  They came from everywhere.  Former colonies provided countless millions, many of whom arrived and went on the dole.  Then, a horde of Moslems came in from the Midddle East and added to the pro-government voters.   They, backed by billions of petro-dollars provided by nations desperate to export their unemployed, quickly gained political influence.

People were stunned.  “How is this happening to us, in our own country!”  Democracy is self-destructing.

The new immigrants saw their opportunity, and they all voted.  Many voted lots of times, in districts the authorities were afraid to police.  Soon, there were so many immigrants on welfare who were added to earlier residents dependent upon government spending, that it was the conservative Thatcherites who could no longer win an English election.

Britain began to crumble.  Now, many English cities are unsafe for English people.

England was destroyed by its own democracy.  The growing ruin again proves the point:  Democracy is self-destructing.

What has happened in England is going on in France, Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia.  God has turned His face from those who preferred democracy to obeying the clear instructions He provided.  Democracies are more vulnerable to change than they seem.  Democracy is self-destructing.

Democracies are more vulnerable to change than they seem.  We should turn to God and His Church when we realize that Democracy is self-destructing.