There are many ladders. How many reach to Heaven?

We may picture ourselves on a ladder that rests on earth and reaches to Heaven.  Every day, we either move higher or lower on the ladder.

We have to hold on to the ladder.  If we don’t, gravity will pull us down.  Gravity was provided as an earthly allegory to show what happens when we give into temptation and sin.

When our soul leaves our body, it will leave from whatever step of the ladder we’re on at the time.  If we have gotten high enough, God’s mercy may allow us to enter Heaven.

If we didn’t get high enough, that won’t happen.

Catholics have the largest, oldest ladder.  It was built by the only person Jesus appointed as ladder-builder:  “Thou art Peter, and on this sound, solid rock of a ladder-builder, I entrust the building of My Ladder.”

Many people wonder:  “Why doesn’t everyone use the ladder that Jesus appointed Peter to build?”

One answer is “Vanity”, as in “I’d rather get to Heaven my way.”  The other answer is  “Sloth”, which describes, “I’ve always been a Perkmistianist.  I guess I always will be.”

People like their little ladders.   “We Methodists have a much better ladder than those poor, deluded Lutherans.  The Lutheran ladder is for losers.”   Every denomination believes in the advantages of their own ladders.

There are many ladders. How many reach to Heaven?  Amazingly, there are 30,000 different ladders.  Varying numbers of people are on and around each ladder.  New ladders are being built every day.  And, old ladders have disappeared.  No one knows for sure what happened to those who were once on them.  Or, to those who built them.

Every possible step and rung has been designed and used.  All the different spacings have been utilized.  Many materials have been used to make rungs and sides.  There are many colors of ladders.  Some fold.  Others slide up and down.  Others are on wheels.  Many have little seats built in so climbers can rest, and even take naps.  Thousands of varieties of ladders exist in a vast forest of ladders.

Do all the ladders reach to Heaven?  Of course not.  Some are such rickety, ramshackle affairs they can barely hold their own weight, let alone a lot of people.  And, no one really knows how high the ladders have to reach, how much stress they’ll have to withstand, and if they’ll last long enough.

The oldest, largest, ladder was built by the only person Jesus appointed as ladder-builder.  Jesus said:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Ladder.” He never told anyone else, not one single person, to build a ladder.

If we chose the wrong ladder, do we lose favor because we did not choose to be among those who are more fully obeying?  Or, do we just not get high enough because self-appointed, lesser ladder builders simply didn’t have the ability or guidance to build what He had Peter make?

Ladder selection is very important.  We don’t want to take any chances.