the devil, democracy, and Protestantism

Some see a connection between the devil, democracy, and Protestantism.

The devil is the spiritual expression of vanity.  “I have as much right to rule as God!”

Democracy is the political expression of vanity.  “Democracy lets me elect candidates who will take money from my neighbors and give it to me.”

Protestantism is the religious expression of vanity:  “I have the right to get into Heaven my way.”

During “The Thousand Year Reign” of The Catholic Church over Western Christendom, people avoided the devil, democracy, and Protestantism.

People understood:  “The Catholic Church helps us avoid temptation.  Our monarchy takes less than 10% of our Kingdom’s assets to run.  The King has a small, efficient government and it doesn’t endlessly pester us.  When we die, we have access to ‘the keys of The Kingdom of Heaven’ provided by The Only Church Jesus Founded.”

The Thousand Year Reign” of The Catholic Church was a little like a return to The Garden of Eden.  From Constantine to Charlemagne to Luther was a golden age.   God, government, and people worked far better together than before or after.  Billions of unborn babies were protected from abortion and abortion-inducing birth control.

Those who worshiped their own vanity hated that!  “If we replace The King with a democracy, we can vote for people who will give us money.  If we replace The Catholic Church, we can get clergy who will let us kill, steal, fornicate and tell us that we’re going to Heaven!”

Many willingly let themselves be led away from The Only Church Jesus Founded by saying so clearly:  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Countless millions of helpless Indians were exterminated by Land-Grabbing Protestants during the first century of American democracy.

Abortion and abortion-inducing birth control continues to kill billions of unborn children for convenience.  Nations too are paralyzed by Protestantism to protect them.

Each of us will stand before God at Judgment.   The souls of those killed by those who worshiped vanity are on our jury.