Heaven is only a good Confession away!

Life is a great winnowing.  Wheat is separated from weeds. Sheep are separated from goats. Obedient Christians are separated from the disobedient.  Each of us is only a good Confession away from Heaven.  Can this be right:  Heaven is only a good Confession away!

“What!  That cannot be true!” say Protestants as they recoil in horror from that simple fact.

Many Catholics have been led away from The Only Church Jesus Founded by saying one time, to one man:  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

The attractions of Protestantism are many.  “All you have to do is say ‘I believe in Jesus!’ and you get to go to Heaven!” attracts those who want to satisfy their earthly desires and think they may get into Heaven by doing so.

Bizarrely, Protestants say “I believe in Jesus!” but they do NOT believe Jesus was able to speak clearly when He specifically gave His ordained this power:  “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.”

Catholics are grateful to be blessed with the humility to understand:  “Jesus DID have The Power to Found One Church.  Jesus DID have The Power to give His ordained priests The Power to forgive sins.  Therefore, I can make a good Confession, receive Absolution, and get my soul to Heaven.”

It gets better!  Jesus repeated His Most Important Teaching, Hie Clear Call to Catholic Communion, an amazing FOURTEEN TIMES:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

After we make a good Confession and receive Absolution, we may receive His Actual Body and Blood in Catholic Communion AND “have life in” us!

It is truly sad that so many say “I believe in Jesus!” and not be respectful and obedient enough to realize that Heaven is only a good Confession away!