Different kinds of Protestants

If a person believed that addition worked, but insisted that 5 plus 7 was 13, problems would emerge. People would wonder, “Is there any rational reason for this inconsistency?”

Imagine what would happen if other people liked the idea. “Well, I am certainly not going to believe an entire mathematical system just because it’s old, large, makes sense, and works well. I really don’t like ‘odd’ numbers. I don’t want any system that has something in it that is as repellent as ‘odd’ numbers”.

Others may decide, “I only want to use numbers with square roots.”

That’s what Protestants do with The Only Church Jesus Founded. They have rejected a huge, consistent structure that has moved through time since The Last Supper. It is so consistent that it has not made any change in faith and morals since The Apostles. There is no contradiction or inconsistency within it.

To Protestants, that doesn’t matter. “I like to think of myself as an ‘individual’. I am a person in my own right. Once I’m baptized, I can get to Heaven on my own.”

Others, frankly, enjoy various sins, frequently of a titillating nature. The Only Church Jesus Founded does not approve. “I don’t care what the Catholic Church says. Frankly, I would rather have orgasms now than go to Heaven, later.”

Some Protestant groups seek approval from those around them by conspicuous consumption. “I’m Presbyterian and prosperous because I have been pre-destined to be rich. It’s my duty to let people know how much God loves me.”

There are different kinds of Protestants. Some are simply people with no priorities beyond passing fancy or force of habit.

Some of them discover, “If I can get people into my own Somewhat Christian group, I can get money from them without having to get a real job or take orders. All I have to do is promise salvation and tell them they can do pretty much as they please. Our only rules? ‘Sometimes, we believe in Jesus and The Bible.’ More importantly, we only Baptize the left side of a person because that is where their heart is.”

For many, those sorts of things are all they feel they need. So, that’s probably all they’ll get.